Restorative Nursing Aide Online

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Managers, welcome to RNA Online!

Each module has been designed to be completed as a standalone, can be combined with other modules or trainings, or completed all at once in one day. The approximate length of each module is provided below.

Participants can take the course alone (on a laptop) or in small groups (on a projector). (Module 4 benefits from having a small group so participants can practice mobility programs on each other.) However, each participant will need to take the post-test(s) individually in order to receive a certificate for their participation.

Participants will take a Pre-Test, begin the module, stop at Pause and Practice times which are embedded in each module at appropriate points, and complete a Post-Test. They have unlimited opportunities to complete the Post-Test, but must pass with 80% before completing the on-site skills check for that module.

On-site skills checks are an important part of the RNA Online instruction as some activities require hands-on practice and feedback. You can designate the most appropriate person on the nursing staff to complete these checks and decide if you want them completed at the end of one module, or at the end of all modules.

Certificates: Certificates of Course Completion will be sent for participants who have completed all 4 module Post-Tests with a score of 80% or better. On-site skills checklists are your responsibility, and are provided in Manager’s Tools, below.

Managers Tools

Course Modules

Module 1: Becoming a Restorative Nursing Aide

Allow 45 min–1 hour.

Module 2: ADLs, Prosthetics, Bowel & Bladder

Allow 2 hours.

Module 3: Communication, Dementia, Eating & Drinking, Swallowing

Allow 60–90 min.

Module 4: Range of Motion, Splinting, Bed Mobility & Transfers, Ambulation

Allow 3 hours.