Paid Feeding Assistant Training Program

This 8-hour training session meets Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) guidelines for Paid Feeding Assistant Training. It is divided into 9 different modules. The agenda and time for each module is listed below.

Take note:

The distance learning educational session is divided into several PowerPoint slide show movies. The agenda below allocates run time for each slide show.

Feeding Assistant Training

The Feeding Assistant Manual covers the contents of all training modules. It is provided here for the learner's reference but is not a substitute for the approved training course, which is to be overseen by the on-site instructor and consists of the videos and assessment pieces below.

Total presentation time: 8 hours 22 minutes

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Nutrition, Hydration, and Therapeutic Diets

Module 3: Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Module 4: Resident Dignity

Module 5: Infection Control and Sanitation

Module 6: Feeding the Resident

Module 7: Appropriate Responses to Resident Behaviors

Module 8: Safety and Emergency Procedures

Module 9: Final Reminders and Next Steps

Post-Training Competency Assessments

State-Specific Collaterals and Resources